Welcome. This website has been created to help orient you to what psychotherapy is, how it can help and give you a sense of who I am and how I practice. You may have many questions about how therapy works and perhaps some concerns as well. You may also have had previous experiences with working with therapists. Every therapist works slightly differently, however the essential ingredient is that you feel comfortable bringing your deepest concerns and reflections about what is really going on for you.

My approach is considerably different from some of the usual ‘talk’ based therapies. The therapy space is seen as a sacred space. It is a space for slowing down and reconnecting with who you are. Through the use of mindfulness – which is the art of internally observing what is occurring in the present moment – I enter a journey of exploration to understand how the threads of your thoughts, beliefs, ideas and embodied experience are woven together. It is an inherently creative process.

I honour one’s inner knowledge and inherent wisdom. All actions and behaviours are recognised as being entirely understandable when taken in the context of one’s total life experience. Most of the scripts underpinning our actions are created in childhood. Understanding the influence of these scripts and updating them in the context of the greater resources available to adults is an important part of the therapeutic work. Research is now demonstrating that changing the neural pathways that underlie behaviour requires three key elements: (i) a safe and trusting relationship, (ii) the actual experience of something being different and (iii) practice. This is why some people find long term psychotherapeutic work invaluable to re-awakening their potential. For others, it’s a shorter term process that they then go off and practice on their own for a while before coming back for a ‘check in’.